Roofing contractors who are truly passionate about their job

A few months ago I had a serious problem. In the fall, I received a very old house where my extended family lived earlier. The roof was in a deplorable condition, I was afraid that even water could leak from it. I was actually afraid that something could fall out at any moment. Fortunately, a colleague from work recommended me definitely one of the best roofing companies Hawthorn Woods. NICO advised me that a better option would be to completely replace the roof. I was totally frightened by the costs, but this company made sure that it would fit into the lowest possible price despite such an expensive investment.  Based on my needs, they designed the entire cost estimate and the way of making my potential roof. They assured me, however, that they use only the best materials.  This testifies to their many years of experience in this field.



In the delight of NICO’s roofing

They start their adventure with the roof by controlling the entire surface, every roofline, vent and obviously the chimney. After this inspection, they gave me the exact costs associated with setting up a new one. It turned out that such an operation doesn’t  have to be so expensive! I’m sure that such a price is worth such a good quality work. Believe me, they took care of every detail during the renovation. For instance, the eployees even cleaned shingles, fixed flashing and scrubbing rust from a drip edge. I asked them a lot of questions during the roof replacement, and they knew the perfect answer to everyone. They were so patient! What’s more, after just one week I could admire my new roof. To be brief- if you’re looking for a low-priced professional company that will take care of your roof in just a few days, NICO is just for you.


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