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Chicago Iron Railings And More & Awnings and More has been on the market since 2004.We are always committed to quality and excellence of service. We have almost 10 years experience in iron railing installation in Chicago. Our mission is to deliver high quality iron railing installation services at a great price.

Chicago Iron Railings and More & Awnings and More treats every iron railing installation job or iron railing repairjob carefully and does it with diligence and solidity. Here at Chicago Iron Railings and More & Awnings and Moreclient satisfaction is our goal.

Main specialization of our company is iron railing installation in Chicago and iron railing repair in Chicago. We arevery experienced Chicago iron railing installation and repair contractor. We installed and repaired thousands of iron railings in Chicago. We do also fencing, gate installation, installation of awnings and canopies. If you are lookingfor Chicago iron railing installation contractor be sure that your search is over because you just found one skilled railing contractor near me Chicago.

Services of Chicago Iron Railings And More

Chicago Iron Railings and More & Awnings and More is a professional Chicago iron railing installation and repair company. Additionally we install fences, gates, window bars and well covers, awnings and canopies. We operate in Chicago metropolitan area. We possess almost ten years of experience and the own iron railings shop to bring the best possible iron railings near me Chicago to your home. Our styles include old fashioned iron railings looking like they just left a smithing shop and modern style railings. We use only the most solid and weather with standing materials to install our iron railings near me in Chicago so you can be sure about their durability and strenght.

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Iron Railings

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Years of Experience

Since 2004, we’ve been providing high-quality iron railing installation services at affordable prices. Experience matters, and our knowledgeable railing contractor near me Chicagocan handle every project and answer any questions you may have.

Expert Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we take the time to work right alongside you through every stage of your project, from design to the final clean-up.

Highest Quality Materials

Iron railings get a lot of wear and tear. That’s why we provide durable installations with the best materials, for railings which are prepared for the rigors of daily use.

Projects Always Completed On Time

Whether you need handrails, an iron gate, or an iron fence in Chicago, we follow through on our promise to complete the work as soon as possible so you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

The Best Quality at Great Prices

You don’t always have to pay more to get the finest quality. That’s why with our railing contractors in Chicago, you can have the best at a price that’s right for you.

Expert Consultations

Put your trust in the professionals for iron railings or iron fence in Chicago. We will offer you our best advice to ensure you receive exactly what ‘r right for your property.

The Popularity Of Iron Fences & Iron Railings Chicago

If you are new to the city of Chicago then you may have observed that residents of Chicago have adorned their houses, offices and residential as well as commercial buildings with iron railings near me Chicago. In other words, people would put iron railings near me in Chicago almost everywhere. No doubt these Chicago iron railings have been used by people here since ages and their popularity still does not seem to be reduced. These Chicago iron railings are in demand because of a number of reasons. Some of the most distinctive reasons for their use and demand are the fact that they are long lasting and are available in wide range from which people can select the one they want for them.

In the very beginning, these iron railings were not used for homes. Since the industrial revolution when more and more stairs become concrete, iron railings have started to be used commonly in homes. It is also worth mentioning here that at that time these railings were supposed to be restricted to only rich people. It is because iron railings installation in Chicago was just expensive. The main reason behind this was the fact that welding method was not used in those days for Chicago iron railings and installation preparation. Thus, these Chicago iron railings were created with the help of heating and hammering of the iron pieces jointly. Sometimes, these were riveted together to make the railing. But scenario today is pretty much changed. These days Chicago iron railings installation has become quite affordable for people thanks to price improvements in welding process. Fashion related to other things come and go but these stylish iron railings near me Chicago are at their swing even after many years.

Benefits of iron railings & fences

  • Iron railings can be made with the help of small designs. It will not allow the railings to lose their strength at all. It will enable you to have detailed iron railings that give more decent look.
  • In case you want a color of your choice then no doubt these railings serve the purpose really well. They are availablein various colors.
  • Railings are very durable and they last for longer periods of times. We offer railing repair service to bring your iron railings near me Chicago to new durability and last for years. They are capable of with standing weather conditions. They need to be replaced after almost 20 to 50 years depending more on the mounting in the concrete than on the railing itself. On the contrary, wood railings need to be changed much earlier.
  • You can customize these iron railings near me in Chicago shop in an easy manner. They are not expensive as well and you can make use of them in an affordable way.
  • Repairing of these Chicago iron railings is also a simple process to be carried out and commonly requires only re-mounting.
In short, it will not be wrong to say that with the Chicago iron railings, it is now easier to beautify your residentialas well as commercial properties. In case you also want iron railings installation and repaired in Chicago and Chicago suburbs at your place then all you need to do is to contact a reliable company to serve you in every manner. One such companyis named as Chicago Iron Railings and More.

Common Questions About Getting Iron Railings Chicago or an Iron Fence Chicago

Why do I need an iron fence Chicago, as opposed to other types of fencing?

Think of an iron fence Chicago as the timeless beauty that is strong and durable. It offers exceptional security and longevity that no other fencing material can touch, including wood, vinyl, or composite materials.

Can you match my iron fence with an iron gate Chicago?

Yes. We carry all kinds of iron gate options that can match your fence height with a selection of hinge and latch solutions. At Iron Railings and More & Awnings, we have a professional railing contractor Chicago that can help you make the right choice.

What advantages will I get with a wrought Iron Fence Chicago?

You can create a very nice design for the top of your fence, and you can benefit from some other advantages to owning an iron fence Chicago. Wrought iron is rust-resistant while being more durable than other fencing materials. Plus, a wrought iron fence cannot be damaged easily. And when you add a wrought iron gate to your Chicago property, you have safety, security, and privacy with a greater property value.

How do I get a wrought Iron Fence Chicago?

You will need a professional fencing company like Iron Railings and More & Awnings to install a wrought iron fence in Chicago properly.

Can you install my iron gate Chicago?

If you need a professional, you can trust a fence and railing contractor Chicago from Iron Railings and More & Awnings.

Benefits of Using Iron Gates Chicago

1. Security

One of the leading concerns of all homeowners is security, and there are no better materials for gates and fencing than wrought iron to secure your property. A sturdy wrought iron fence surrounding your property is a superior deterrent to any possible intruders. Automatic openers can be also installed to provide elevated security and convenience.

2. Adds Elegance and Value

Wrought iron not only provides you with peace of mind and security but also adds value to your property and an enhanced aesthetic. Wrought iron Chicago is the top choice for homeowners seeking an elegant and secure solution. Its advantages are many, giving it the reputation as a most versatile material for gates and fencing.

3. Ease of Maintenance

While initial costs of wrought iron fencing and gates can be higher than other materials, the material provides homeowners with a low maintenance feature. Wrought iron is a preferred material due to its ease of maintenance, generally only requiring simple scrubbing with a wire brush and a clean water rinse. If the fencing is painted, a new coat may be required after many years of durable use. Better yet, minor damage can be easily repaired without a full fence or gate replacement.


"Ralph the owner is a great gentleman, he installed very good quality iron railings by my stairs, soI can be sure I have a solid grip during the winter and my grandkids would not fall off."
Simona Petcu
"Thanks! Great job! I thought the installation staff was terrific and very thorough. We appreciate that."
Kriss& Kathy Pearson
"I just wanted to thank you for for the great job that was done on our property.My husband and I found you very professional and cordial. Everything from fence to railings was quick and precisely doneas said. I couldn't believe how fast the contractors were installing the fence, gate and railings..."
Mrs. Seibt