Care For A Wrought Iron Fence.

wrought iron fence close up

Iron is a very popular metal for gates and fences, due to its properties of durability and strength and the decorative designs it can be shaped into..

There is one problem, however, iron is susceptible to rust. If left rust will degrade the iron, weaken it substantially and rapidly shorten its lifespan.

To maintain your iron fence’s strong, structural integrity, functionality, and attractive aesthetic there are some things that you need to do to keep the rust at bay.


Two enemies of your wrought iron fence or iron gate are rain and humidity, both of which will cause your fence to rust over time. Remove any plants from around, or on, your fence. The less moisture your fence is exposed to the better.

Car wax and water-repellent substances can be used to waterproof your iron fence and protect it from rust.

Removing Rust

The last thing you want to see on your iron fence is any signs of rust. If you see any, using a small cleaning brush or synthetic steel wool, scrub the rust to take it off the fence. Following this add a layer of primer and finish off with 2 coats of paint to protect the fence.

If a significant amount of rust is already present, apply a rust converter onto the affected areas then for an extra layer of protection use a coat of oil-based paint that is designed for metal.

Inspect Regularly

Having a professional yearly inspection from a specialist fencing and railing contractor will help to catch any rust spots from progressing into more serious problems and also repair any minor damage. It is also important to carry out regular checks yourself, look for places where the outer surface has cracked or spots where the paint has come away.

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