Wood Stairs and Railings

There are two very important considerations when choosing a staircase for your home. The first one is the stairs themselves, the second one is a balustrade that matches the stairs.

Wood stairs

The most common choice in the USA is stairs made of wood. Such a staircase looks beautiful and fits into any type of home. Take a look at the wood stairs Arlington Heights and see for yourself that such stairs will be a perfect choice in your home too.

Railings have an important function in safety, therefore it’s not enough for them to just look good – they need to be functional as well. It is important to consider properties such as strength and durability. Any railing contractor will tell you that it is important to consider the properties of different materials in order to judge which is more suitable for your project.

Iron Railings

Iron is the most common type of material that railings are made from. It has been used for hundreds of years, due to its high strength and durability. It is used for railings, gates, fences and many other products. It has extreme strength and high durability and it looks good!.

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum is a modern material, used for railings. It is durable metal and resistant to corrosion, but it doesn’t have the same density as iron and the strength that goes with it.

Wooden Railings

Wooden railings are usually found in the interior of properties, they are fantastic to look at, but need to be treated regularly. They are not as strong or durable as iron and not as suited to be outside.

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl is an excellent economic choice, but it has a big disadvantage, it comes from oil and so it’s a non-renewable substance.

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