Bathroom Remodeling Contractors | St Charles

While you might only be looking for bathroom renovations in St. Charles that are simple and only take one day, like refacing your bathtub, Changing the layout will require more planning. That’s when you need the full services of PRUSAK bathroom remodeling contractors.
With a complete bathroom remodel in St. Charles, you can change the layout to be more efficient, functional, and space-saving, and that’s what PRUSAK can help you achieve. It all depends on your budget and timeline. To save on both, you can keep your plumbing and electrical features in place for your bathroom renovation.
You can create a unique bathroom space with a style that speaks to you, and our bathroom remodeling contractors in St. Charles can give you what you need. Find your new bathroom in simple things like updated towel rods or a toilet paper holder, or can go further with a modern new vanity.

New blue bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

New blue bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

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Commercial Sealcoating Arlington Heights, IL | GPS Sealcoating

What Is Commercial Sealcoating Crystal Lake, IL

Sealcoating Arlington Heights is an effective way to improve the safety, integrity, and aesthetics of your commercial property’s asphalt surface. Experts will apply numerous thin coatings of asphalt emulsion or coal tar pitch and emulsifying agents or additives, inert fillers, and water when parking lot sealcoating. We at GPS Sealcoating offer the highest quality sealcoating to revert the appearance of your worn and faded asphalt paving, making it look new once again. Expert sealcoating results in a visually attractive, pitch black, smooth, and easy-to-maintain surface. The state of your commercial building’s parking lot has a big impact on how people perceive your company. Your visitors, clients, and potential customers will most likely land in your parking area first, so keeping it looking great and feeling safe is crucial for your business. For high-quality and efficient sealcoating, we are the paving company you should ask to help out.


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How a Garage Addition Can Affect a Driveway | Chicago Home Additions


When you are thinking about home addition Park Ridge, specifically a garage addition Palatine, Chicago, or Park Ridge, getting the size, shape, and orientation of the new space, and how it will likely influence the way the rest of your home, is critical.


Questions such as will the new garage affect the current driveway, or will a garage addition create a need for the driveway to be modified, all worth considering, as is whether your property boundaries allow enough room to lay out a driveway in a specific way to be conveniently incorporated with the new garage structure. All crucial questions when thinking of a garage addition Chicago.


With a garage addition, some of our clients, homeowners in Park Ridge and Palatine opt for having the doors of their garage on the side rather than the front, facing the street. For some garage additions, this creates a more favorable aesthetic appeal to a home exterior.


Some garage addition work includes a turnaround spot, which is often a good idea for driveways of some kinds, as backing out of a garage and a driveway with a 90-degree turn can be difficult, as many of our Chicago and Park Ridge customers tell us when we discuss their home additions.

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Do Crown Moldings Burr Ridge, IL Increase The Value Of A Home?

One of the simplest ways to add tremendous value to your home for a very small investment and not much of a renovation mess is a crown molding installation in Burr Ridge. Not only can the right crown molding Burr Ridge increase your home’s value, but you can create a sense of drama in the space.

Just as it is with everything else, quality is important when considering crown molding carpentry in Burr Ridge. Making a cheap crown molding purchase from a big-box store may save you a little money but it will not reflect well when realtors or potential homebuyers see it. As well, your crown molding installation should be a professional job or you will not see the added value in your home.

Elegant, high-quality crown molding designed by an experienced carpenter in Burr Ridge will instantly add to your property value. It’s easy to make your home marketable with the proper crown molding when you are ready to sell.

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Choose Alka Bathroom Remodeling Company!

interior of modern bathroom

Having a special place in your home to retreat and relax is essential for our mental health. At Alka Bathroom Remodeling, we can help you realize your dream and turn your bathroom into something luxurious, soothing, and tranquil. Just what you deserve!

Along with yourself and our designers, we can create a bathroom that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Perhaps an entire renovation is not necessary, but a new shower enclosure with high-performance fittings and glass doors can make all the difference. An evening soak in a modern new tub with soothing jets can wash away the day’s grime and troubles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

When you invest in a bathroom remodel Deerfield Beach using our qualified and experienced contractors, you can be assured that the value of your property will increase. Bathrooms can quickly become outdated because the market is constantly being flooded with new state-of-the-art fixtures and fitting. Just new tiles, countertops, and lighting can make all the difference to your bathroom experience. With our designer’s professional help, we can put together some ideas for you to consider.

Alka contractors are the most qualified and best in the business and will transform your bathroom efficiently and as quickly as possible without cutting corners. We can help you solve all problems by developing creative solutions that suit your pocketbook and decor ideas. Give our friendly customer service a call today.

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Personalize your home with cable railing

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Cable railing in Chicago has grown to be quite popular throughout the years. One of the main reasons is it provides a clean and modern look to a home or commercial space. There are many advantages to getting cable iron railings that can boost the value and look of your property. Location and the functionality of a property are considered, but the look plays a big part in adding value to your home. 

As mentioned above, it can provide an open atmosphere and a modernized look when you have cable railings. If you have any areas in your home where it is open, and you’d like to have a more modernized look, utilizing cable iron railings will make the room look larger. It also provides clean lines and simple forms of streamlined design. Of course, you can’t forget about your outdoor space. Cable rails are perfect for decks and balconies.

When you have cable iron railings in your outside decking, it can create an interrupted feel for your garden area. You can maximize the use of the exterior space during the summer. Imagine having an alfresco dining experience in your home, which you can achieve when you have cable railings in your home. No need to worry about putting hard work into maintaining cable rails because it needs low maintenance, and it’s very easy to clean and will keep it looking untouched throughout seasons.

Do you have a pool and don’t know how you can make it not look bare? Well, the best solution is installing cable iron railings in the backyard. It doesn’t only look good, but it will also provide safety for you and your loved ones. You may have a lot of barriers to choose from, but they require high maintenance, unlike cable railings. 

When it comes to choosing the right railing contractors in Chicago, we are the ones that you can count on and trust to get the job done right. We provide handrails and iron railing services that you need for your property. Choose us for your cable railing needs, and we’ll be here for you!

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Why do you need to install a fence around your property?


When you are deciding to put up a fence around your property, it is important to know why you feel the need. Do you want to mark a property line? Do you have pets that might get away otherwise? Are you insecure in your neighborhood?

Before making the investment, which can be a lot if you get an iron fence in Chicago, having a firm understanding of why you want one is a good first step. We have a few possible reasons you should get an iron fence with an iron gate in Chicago.

1. Security

For the safety and security of yourself, your family, and your home, a fence is your shield from the world. Crime is a reality no matter where you live, and making the smart choice to add this barrier is the perfect way to deter crime affecting your safe haven.

2. Property line

To keep disputes about who’s grass is who’s and other petty issues, a fence can mark your property line effectively. A railing contractor in chicago can get the exact specs of your property so they can put your new fence right on the line.

3. Privacy

Having a barrier that cannot be penetrated by the naked eye gives you the added peace of mind inherent in true privacy. Never worry about an onlooker watching while you sunbath or staring at your guests during an outdoor function. And it protects your outdoor valuables.

4. Curb appeal

A quality fence, made with not only privacy in mind but also aesthetics, will add a nice visual accent to your home. And it can add value along with the look many people are hoping for in their next home.

Fencing your property is wise on several levels, and for your home in Chicago, it is the best choice you can make. Protect your loved ones, give them privacy, and make your home look amazing with a new iron fence in Chicago. You will never regret this intelligent decision.

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Advantages of Using a Security Camera Northbook

Advantages of Using a Security Camera Northbook


Of the security camera companies in Northbrook, SmartCam has done more security camera installations on Northbrook properties than anyone else. They specialize in home security camera installation on Northbrook homes, and cctv installations in many guard stations throughout the Northbrook area. Their cameras have prevented many crimes so far, and will continue to keep the area safer as new and improved camera installation in Northbrook continues.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider them for your surveillance camera installation:


  1. For business redundancy, if there is a discrepancy between your staff’s entry and exit logs, and what they say the did, you can go to the camera and verify which is true. It is a great tool to keep everyone honest, and make sure there are no shenanigans off hours. 
  2. Eye witnesses are the worst witnesses. The stories rarely line up and the details get muddled over time. Having a digitally recorded view of any incident will allow a savvy viewer to ascertain the particulars of what happened without the chaos.   
  3. Cameras are a long standing crime deterrent. The more hidden the security camera, the more likely it will catch a criminal before they initiate their foolish decision. Exposed security cameras are a visual cue that they are being recorded, and should probably reconsider whatever they are planning.
  4. If a crime has occurred and no one was around to see it at the moment it was committed, security cameras offer evidence of the crime that is admissible in court.
  5. Lastly, security cameras keep people honest. There is often the temptation to do things you might not if the circumstances were different. It is sadly human nature. When the temptation is just too much, a security camera can be a welcome deterrent.
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Types of gates that can be used in your property

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All types of properties need sufficient protection from outsiders. You can achieve this by having your contractors install a strong and high-quality gate. There are different types of gates and iron fences you can choose from depending on your property, as listed below.

Single Walk Gate

An excellent gate consists of a perfect blend of protection and allure for your house. This is possible with a simple single walk gate, which is ideal if you have a small driveway space or none at all. You can simply slide in and out with ease. A single walk gate is also big enough to fit pets, bikes, and motorcycles. Ideally, contractors use picket material for single walk gates. However, you may also use iron railing in Chicago for a more sophisticated finish.

Swing Gate

A swing iron gate in Chicago is ideal if you have a spacious driveaway that permits lots of swinging motion either forward or backward. This can give your residential property a lavish look without making major remodels to the house itself. You can choose from a single swing gate or a double swing gate depending on the design of your driveway. Consult with your trusted contractor from your area to make sure you are choosing the best quality for your house.

Sliding Gate 

Next to a swing gate, a sliding gate also fits residential properties with a spacious lot, specifically on the sides. Before you proceed, it is best to have your gate specialist in Chicago to inspect your gateway to ensure proper sizing and installation. A sliding gate has two different types, namely v-track and rear pipe track. V-track railings in Chicago are ideal for residential areas without frequent snow and ice buildup for the gate to slide on the track flawlessly.

Cantilever Gate

Last but not the least, a cantilever gate is ideal for commercial and industrial properties that essentially gives access to large vehicles. This type of gate hangs on mount posts and doesn’t touch the ground, which prevents scraping on the gate for longer use. Depending on your preference, you can design a cantilever gate to swing or slide open.

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Porches Chicago | Compliance Porch Contractors


Porch construction requires skills and craftsmanship. It’s not beneficial for the clients to get the service that will be performed carelessly and without proper planning. Decide on Compliance Porches and your personal style will find the reflection in the porch that we will construct especially for you. Our company’s mission is to supply clients with the highest quality decking in Chicago. We use only selected materials and do our best to match porch shape to your entire building exterior. You can choose from closed-in, opened, front, rare ones and others. It’s not an easy decision, but we’re still beside you with the greatest level of help!


We go to great lengths to make sure that you are maximally satisfied with the job that we performed. Our porch construction and porch repair have been appreciated by multiple customers. Contact Compliance Porches Chicago and we will present our wide offer and prepare a free estimate that will help to plan your family budget.

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