Why Should You Build Railings Made Of Iron?

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Deciding on getting an iron fence installation done in Chicago is a great idea for a variety of reasons. It being a great chance to create the foundation for your first line of defense is only one of them.

Here is a list prepared by our contractors containing other advantages of iron railings:

  1. It is extraordinarily resilient.
  2. A huge variety of styles and aesthetics may be produced with it.
  3. For many years to come, it will be a valuable property addition because of its unmistakably traditional charm.
  4. Another great feature of these choices is how simple they are to implement.
  5. As soon as you decide to use these designs, you may create and carry out effective plans to quickly build your project.
  6. Fences with little maintenance requirements are also appreciated by property owners. All you have to do is wash it off and use a soft brush to clean up any particularly dirty spots.

Not sure if an iron fence is something for you yet? Call us and we will answer all your questions!

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What Exactly is Wrought Iron?

Many years ago, a professional blacksmith would iron wrought (work) this low carbon content iron alloy known as wrought iron by hand. Wrought iron is easily welded, corrosion-resistant, malleable, and tough.  Its contents include minor amounts of manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur. This material is commonly utilized in the construction industry in Chicago and is popular for items such as handrails, iron railings, sculptures, garden furniture, an iron fence, or an iron gate

What Advantages Does a Wrought Iron Fence Provide?

The creative possibilities for wrought iron use are infinite. It is especially popular for gates and fences as it is recyclable, rust-resistant, and durable. Wood and wrought iron are two elements that blend well. The wrought iron provides a wood fence with sophistication and elegance. The incorporation of wrought iron into your home‘s exterior or interior design adds both grace and value to your property.

What is the Lifespan of a Wrought Iron Fence?

Wrought iron consists of a blend of aluminum and steel, creating a special fibrous structure that makes a wrought iron fence incredibly sturdy and gives it a longer life expectancy.  Wrought iron can be maintained easily and resists rust despite the rainy climate in Chicago. A good railing contractor will suggest the occasional coat of paint for your railing or fence, keeping it attractive for many more years.


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Care For A Wrought Iron Fence.

wrought iron fence close up

Iron is a very popular metal for gates and fences, due to its properties of durability and strength and the decorative designs it can be shaped into..

There is one problem, however, iron is susceptible to rust. If left rust will degrade the iron, weaken it substantially and rapidly shorten its lifespan.

To maintain your iron fence’s strong, structural integrity, functionality, and attractive aesthetic there are some things that you need to do to keep the rust at bay.


Two enemies of your wrought iron fence or iron gate are rain and humidity, both of which will cause your fence to rust over time. Remove any plants from around, or on, your fence. The less moisture your fence is exposed to the better.

Car wax and water-repellent substances can be used to waterproof your iron fence and protect it from rust.

Removing Rust

The last thing you want to see on your iron fence is any signs of rust. If you see any, using a small cleaning brush or synthetic steel wool, scrub the rust to take it off the fence. Following this add a layer of primer and finish off with 2 coats of paint to protect the fence.

If a significant amount of rust is already present, apply a rust converter onto the affected areas then for an extra layer of protection use a coat of oil-based paint that is designed for metal.

Inspect Regularly

Having a professional yearly inspection from a specialist fencing and railing contractor will help to catch any rust spots from progressing into more serious problems and also repair any minor damage. It is also important to carry out regular checks yourself, look for places where the outer surface has cracked or spots where the paint has come away.

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How To Choose The Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company?

Beautiful light tones hallway with chair and palm open to entrance hall

Currently, wooden floors can be quite an expense, but in our opinion, it is worth spending some money on luxury. If you have decided to install a wooden floor in your own house, you should carefully look at the contractor who will do the entrusted task.

When deciding which professionals to choose in this industry, you need to pay attention to costs, time spent working, and other people’s opinions. We always offer our clients hardwood floor refinishing Arlington Heights. In our opinion, it is the best company in the industry. See the effects of their work, and you will definitely want to hire them to work on replacing wood panels.

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Wood Stairs and Railings

There are two very important considerations when choosing a staircase for your home. The first one is the stairs themselves, the second one is a balustrade that matches the stairs.

Wood stairs

The most common choice in the USA is stairs made of wood. Such a staircase looks beautiful and fits into any type of home. Take a look at the wood stairs Arlington Heights and see for yourself that such stairs will be a perfect choice in your home too.

Railings have an important function in safety, therefore it’s not enough for them to just look good – they need to be functional as well. It is important to consider properties such as strength and durability. Any railing contractor will tell you that it is important to consider the properties of different materials in order to judge which is more suitable for your project.

Iron Railings

Iron is the most common type of material that railings are made from. It has been used for hundreds of years, due to its high strength and durability. It is used for railings, gates, fences and many other products. It has extreme strength and high durability and it looks good!.

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum is a modern material, used for railings. It is durable metal and resistant to corrosion, but it doesn’t have the same density as iron and the strength that goes with it.

Wooden Railings

Wooden railings are usually found in the interior of properties, they are fantastic to look at, but need to be treated regularly. They are not as strong or durable as iron and not as suited to be outside.

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl is an excellent economic choice, but it has a big disadvantage, it comes from oil and so it’s a non-renewable substance.

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Can You Paint an Iron Gate?

Alkyd paints and oil-based paints are the perfect options for wrought iron railings since they create a resistant coating that repulses water and that can withstand scrapes, spots, and dint. Acrylic varnish is a great option as well and works better to maintain it for longer against exposure to heat. When you begin considering your alternatives, you will realize that some primers and paints are perfect for wrought iron, giving an additional layer of shielding to your iron gate.

Already Rusted Iron Gate

Iron-made things like iron railings, handrails, iron fence, and iron gate will start to rust when they come in contact with oxygen and water, as these are the two requirements for rust to occur. After your doorway starts to oxidize, you may require to spend a lot of time taking out rust, loose paint by using a grindstone or metal brush. After this, you can apply a primer (it is similar to a finer version for smooth surfaces) and after it has been dried, then it’s time to apply again two new coats of the matt black finish or lustre.

Do You Require New Iron Gate?

If your iron fence Chicago area has rusted excessively, twisted, or have been seriously harmed or turned, we at Chicago Iron Railings & More can provide assistance to find the right match in terms of style, size, and shape that you require. We have a wide repertory of common-sized railings and gates, and we also offer custom-tailored service, allowing you to ensure non-common opening widths.

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The Process of Installing A Handrail


Handrails come in many forms, and can be made from many materials: timber, iron, stainless steel. Building regulations state for health and safety that a handrail is needed if there are more than 2 stairs and it has to be between 34 to 38 inches above the stairway treads.

Measurement to Determine Handrail Length

The first thing you have to do is measure the stairs to get the correct length for the handrail. Measure from the top of the staircase to the bottom and add 2ft to your measurement, so that there will be a slight overhang at each end, this makes it easier to grip the handrail.

Location and Marking of Studs

The brackets that anchor the handrail need to be attached to studs or sturdy posts. Use a stud finder to locate the studs where the brackets will be positioned. Make a mark on the wall or posts to indicate the position of each stud. Handrail brackets should be installed every 4ft, as well as one in the center, one 1ft away from the top, and another 1ft from the bottom.

Attach Handrail Brackets to Wall

Position and attach the handrail brackets to the wall at the reference marks you made on the stud lines.

Attach Handrail to Brackets

Position the handrail so it rests on the brackets, making sure it has the proper overhang at the top and bottom. Secure the handrail to the support brackets with the U-shaped sleeves that fit around the arms of the brackets.

For professional manufacture and installation of handrails, iron railings, iron fences and iron gates, call Chicago Iron Railings And More. Our railing contractor Chicago team can professionally install iron railings and handrails that are strong and look great, all at a fantastic price!

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